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Accurate Data Entry has a wide range of expertise in providing full service web research solutions and delivering successful data collection projects.


Our experienced and credible team has a pragmatic approach of analysis various industries and developing business solutions to a diverse set of clients across various domains and regions to give you the maximum value for your research.


Whether it’s an Online Web Research or Offline Data Research via Telephone, face to face interviews etc, we qualify as an invaluable partner to deliver you with impactful solutions with customized services that matched with our client’s current working models.


Our Data Research & Web Research services include:

  • Gathering data from websites into format as required by client
  • Searching & collecting contact information from websites
  • Searching online newspapers, articles and blogs for information
  • Web search and product research to populate the database for your e-commerce websites / online stores.
  •  Mailing list development by website search and directory search.

Our Methodology:

Data Research Services


E.g. Email research, Survey and analysis, Internet research and reporting, Name, city and state web research, pricing web research, Competitor web research, Advertising web research, Product trend web research, Mailing list web research, Security


Our teams of experienced data miners / researchers are always ready to help you to execute your data mining requirements.

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